2017 HomeStars “Best Of” awards.

Fast forward to 12 minutes and enjoy the interview.

Homestars.com – Best of 2017

We did it again!!!

I have to say that I am a very proud employer when I can say that we at It’s the Right Move have been awarded Best of 2017 by http://www.homestars.com

My team and I strive to do our best on each and every move.  It does not matter who you are, where you come from, your religion, nationality or wealth… all we want to do is help make your moving day a little easier.

So, I personally thank my team for all their hard efforts this past year and I hope that we can continue in our efforts to make moving a little easier.

And a special thank you to my wife Laura, for supporting me each and every day.

Thank you and God Bless.


Stairs stairs and more stairs

Today I think i saw my fair share of stairs for one move.  THREE levels up at the pickup and drop off, all in one move.

When you mover comes to do an estimate, please make sure that you warn if there are a lot of stairs at the new house.

Is your new home ground floor and two levels up?
Is your kitchen and living area one level up… so above the garage?
Is your new home on the side of a hill, so a lot of steps to the front door?
Do you have a roof top terrace?

All this information is vital in preparing a good estimate. Without this knowledge, the estimated time will easily go up. And up, only means more money for your home move.

Moving Estimates

CBC Marketplace is on the move again…. and i fully support them.

Lets face it, you can not describe your home to a mover over the phone… I promise you it is not accurately possible. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have the mover present you with an in home moving estimate. It is their job to present you with a accurate moving estimate.

I just found a website…www.mymovingreviews.com where you can enter the size of your home and it will tell you the total weight of your move.  I am sorry but every home is different, the furniture can be big or small, heavy or light.  It is just not fair to say how heavy your home move will be based on the number of bedrooms you have.

I, Philip Feitz, owner of It’s the Right Move will personally present you with a free in home moving estimate and i always tell my potential customers to get three moving estimates… then you know approximately how much you should pay.

Happy Moving, Philip

Patio Furniture

Did you know that water can get into metal patio / yard furniture?

After a while this water will get rusty which is not good for any fabric or surface.  May i suggest that you turn your chair upside down on the grass before the move to see if the water will come out.

Trust me, rust water is seriously bad for your cloths.

I love my washing machine!  Philip

Wet weather conditions

Yes, the rain and snow is coming, we even have flurry warning for Halloween!

We always try our best to keep your boxes and furniture clean and dry, but it is not always easy. Where possible we use runners in your home to keep your floors clean. Also in the truck we want everything to remain as dry as possible and this is where we need your help.

A few days before your move, try to bring your yard furniture and BBQ into the garage. This will give everything a little time to dry before we load it into the truck. The yard furniture always goes on last, but it would be nice if it was dry, not just for us, but also for your indoor furniture already on the truck.

Thank you,Philip

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It was my honor to take this challenge and make a donation.


Moving in busy areas

Hello again,

Yesterday we had a move in Toronto, just off Yonge Street.  We were really fortunate to have good parking, but it could have been otherwise.

A word of warning, if you know that parking could be difficult, please ensure that you warn your mover of possible parking issues. The last think you want is to have delays or extra costs due to parking the truck far away rather than right outside your door.

Also, in Oakville town center bigger vehicles require a parking permit… this might be the same in other areas

Happy parking.


Canadian Association of Movers

Did you know that there are laws that can protect you against rogue movers?

Too long to discuss in the blog, however, I am happy to discuss with you in person.

Take care




As much as I can appreciate the desire to use free boxes from the LCBO or grocery store, I strongly urge the opposite.

When it comes to loading the truck, many different size boxes make packing a very difficult & time consuming task.

Where possible, stick to 3 or 4 different size boxes.  This will save time and more importantly, keeps money in your pocket.

Happy packing


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