How to Find a Local Mover

Canada is a mobile nation and Canadians are as mobile today as they have ever been even in today’s harsh economic landscape. Of course not all moves are moving long distance across the country type moves. But even if a move is local, it will still be work. Still the distance that you plan to relocate can make your move easier or harder in a lot of ways. It is far easier to navigate a local move than a long distance move, if for no other reason than you can oversee the move yourself.

The first order of business of course will be to find some local movers to pack you up and move you. Even if you are only moving across town, the work to pack, load and unpack is still as much of a burden as if you were going across state lines. And it makes economical sense to hire a local moving company Toronto to make your move as easy as possible in the long run.

Your local movers should be bonded and licensed and preferably from a well established local moving company Vancouver. It may be tempting to hire strangers off the street or off a well known internet site to move you in order to save a few bucks but in the long run the risks don’t out weight the potential savings.

Look at it this way; if you care enough to pack it and move it, it probably has some value to you even if it’s just a sentimental value. If your property is damaged or broken in any way during the move, your hired day help is not going to reimburse you for your great grandmother Betsy’s china collection. Your loss will be your loss. Established local movers however are in the businesses to move people without breakage and will certainly have some legal responsibility towards your property that will be covered in your contract.

Another facet to consider is your own liability. Moving is a very physical job and if your hired help is injured in the moving process they can file a claim against you or your home owners insurance. A legitimate local moving company will have their own worker compensation and assume responsibility for their workers.

And finally when it comes to liability factors that you should consider, you need to decide who will be packing up the items to move. Do you want to do it yourself or leave it to your movers? Bear in mind if you pack the items yourself, the movers may not assume full liability if the contents of the box arrive in a damaged condition. If you don’t have anything extremely fragile or delicate it is probably safe to assume the liability and pack the items yourself.

And of course you will want to make sure to get moving quote as well as all of the details of your move in writing so your moving day can go off as smoothly as possible.