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Safely moving a pinball machine requires care, skill, and experience. At It’s The Right Move, we are experts in moving sensitive arcade equipment, like pinball machines, ensuring that your beloved gaming unit reaches its new home in perfect condition. First, we take the time to understand the specifics of your pinball machine. Not all machines are the same, and different models require specialized handling. Our experienced team knows this and adjusts the moving process accordingly.

Next, we dismantle the machine where necessary, using professional tools and utmost precision. This is a crucial step as it reduces the risk of damage during the move and makes the machine easier to transport. We then securely pack and wrap each part, protecting them against bumps and vibrations. Our team uses top-quality wrapping materials to provide maximum protection, including quilted, thick, heavy furniture pads, shrinking plastic wraps, and sturdy cardboard boxes.

Relocating a pinball machine or arcade game can be daunting. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. After preparing your gaming machines for relocation, our team uses specialized equipment like appliance dollies, piano skids, and forearm forklifts to ensure your machines are relocated safely and efficiently. Trust us to handle your precious arcade treasures with care.

Finally, the machine is carefully loaded onto our moving truck and carefully strapped in to avoid shifting during transportation of the pinball machine. At the destination, we don’t just drop off your pinball machine. We reassemble it, ensuring that every part is in its proper place and that the machine is fully set up for a round of games.

How to Transport Pinball Machine

Experience the Joy of Your Pinball Machine, Risk-Free

Moving your pinball machine with It’s The Right Move means you can sit back and relax, knowing your treasured gaming equipment is in safe hands. Our comprehensive replacement value insurance covers all items we move, including pinball machines. This means that you are fully financially protected in the unlikely event of any damage that arises from carelessness. In addition, our movers are insured by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, ensuring you won’t be liable for any injuries during the move.

We believe that moving your pinball machine should be a joyful experience, not a source of stress. Our dedicated customer service team can answer any questions and address concerns about the process. By entrusting us with your pinball machine, you’re choosing a risk-free moving experience and supporting a company that cares about its clients, employees and the environment. We pay our workers a living wage and invest in technologies to reduce carbon emissions, fuel usage, and waste. When you choose It’s The Right Move, you make a responsible choice for the planet.

Unleash your inner Game Master and start your next gaming adventure with It’s The Right Move. We’re here to remove the stress of moving your pinball machine so you can focus on what matters—mastering that high score! Call us at (289) 772-6742 to book now.

Packing a Pinball Machine for Moving
Packing a Pinball Machine for Moving


Q: Are you insured to move pinball machines?
Yes, It’s The Right Move is a fully insured moving company in Ontario. We carry comprehensive replacement value insurance for all items we move. Please note that the inner workings of machines are not covered by insurance unless damage arises from carelessness. I.E., the pinball machine is dropped. If the machine “does not work” after regular handling, that is not a claimable incident.

Q: How do you ensure the safety of my pinball machine during the move?
We will dismantle the machine, pack and wrap each part securely, and use specialized equipment for the pinball machine transportation. It is recommended that you hire professional pinball machine movers with the expertise and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient move.

Q: Can you help me reassemble my pinball machine at my new location?
Absolutely! Our service doesn’t stop at delivery. We’ll help you reassemble and position your pinball machine. However, we will not level or test it.

Q: How can I book a move with It’s The Right Move?
You can book a move with us by calling (289) 772-6742. Our dedicated customer service team will happily assist you with your move.

Q: What other services do you offer?
In addition to moving pinball machines, It’s The Right Move offers a wide range of moving and storage services. We handle local relocations, long-distance moves, office transfers, storage relocations, and more. We also provide packing, furniture disposal, and even moving-out cleaning services.

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